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Thai Massage

Thai massage is an ancient therapeutic technique designed both to release tight muscles and to improve the flow of energy throughout the body. Receiving Thai massage is an incredible experience, but the method is different than the more common deep tissue or relaxation massage techniques you might be used to.

Here’s what to expect when you receive your first Thai massage, and how you’ll know if it might be a good choice for you.

What to Expect in Your First Thai Massage

The hallmark of Thai massage is its emphasis on stretching and movement. It’s been described as “the lazy man’s yoga,” or like “having yoga done to you.” Sounds fabulous, right? Make sure you’re wearing comfortable clothes, because you’ll be leaving them on for your session.

To begin, you’ll lie down on a large, soft floor mat. Then your practitioner will guide you through different stretches and positions while pressing deeply into your muscles, using hands, elbows, knees, and feet to deliver pressure throughout the session.

Traditional Thai massage also emphasizes clearing the sen lines, or energy channels. Sen lines can be thought of as the veins and arteries of our energy bodies, allowing vital energy to flow freely to different regions of the body. This process is worked seamlessly into the muscular therapy.

Thai massage tends to be a deep, intense technique. It’s not unusual to be sore for a day or two after your session, since your muscles are not only being worked deeply but also stretched in ways they’re not used to. If you experience excessive pain or discomfort during your session, be sure to communicate with your therapist so they can reduce the intensity or pressure.

Why Thai Massage Might Be Just What You Need

Here are 3 reasons Thai massage might be the perfect choice for your next massage session:

  1. You have low back pain. The low back is often where we feel the effects of tension in the legs, hips, abdomen, and upper back. If standard deep tissue massage isn’t helping, the focused stretching of Thai massage just might release the hidden culprit of your pain.
  2. You’re regularly active or athletic. Thai massage will enhance your flexibility, release tension in problem areas, and keep your muscles feeling looser than ever.
  3. You need a deep, thorough, stress-busting massage. Lots of people love Thai massage for the head-to-toe relaxing experience, whether they have problem areas to treat or just want to keep on feeling great.
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Cleveland Thai Massage

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