Functional Massotherapy for Movement Without Pain

Pain doesn’t have to be your permanent companion.

Recovering from an injury can feel slow and frustrating. You may have already seen many different providers: chiropractors, massage therapists, physical therapists, acupuncturists, and more, all working on your problem from different perspectives. Perhaps you’ve even been doing all of this on a consistent basis for years, yet your results are temporary at best.

Functional massotherapy is designed to identify and address the root of your pain, not just relieve the symptoms over and over again. Our outcome-based approach to recovery has three core pillars:

1. Detailed assessment of “hidden” muscles related to the painful movement.
If you’ve been dutifully treating the muscle that hurts and just aren’t getting the results you hoped for, it’s a clue that this muscle is the wrong target.
Any movement (such as raising your arm over your head) requires the coordination of many different muscles. An uncooperative muscle in that chain creates a resistant force that leads to problems elsewhere, but it usually isn’t the spot we actually feel pain. Releasing these hidden restrictions is essential for lasting recovery.

2. Skilled soft-tissue manipulation that taps into the neuromuscular connection.
Muscles have memory. To prevent tension and trigger points from coming back, we need to engage the nervous system in specific ways.
Pain and stress are sensed by the nervous system, which then tells our muscles to protect us by increasing tension. When this reaction continues long after the situation has passed, chronic pain results. This is the pattern that must be interrupted to stop the same old pains from returning again and again.

3. Movement coaching so you can safely re-engage in the activities affected by your pain.
“Don’t do that thing that hurts” just isn’t a plan we’re willing to accept.
Even the most skillful treatment will fall short if it doesn’t account for the unique circumstances of your life. Your recovery is most meaningful when you’re armed with a gameplan, transforming the way you approach your most meaningful activities once and for all.