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Medical Massage

Medical massage is the application of massage therapy techniques based on a specific diagnosis to achieve a desired outcome. Treatment is limited to direct massage of the affected body parts, and is only performed for the duration and frequency indicated by the prescription. Other bodywork modalities are not integrated into this treatment.

Do I Need Medical Massage?

Medical massage provides only the treatment authorized by your doctor and/or insurance company. Typically, you would need to schedule medical massage under the following circumstances:

  • You have a prescription for treatment of a specific diagnosis. This diagnosis is usually related to an injury, such as a workers’ comp or auto injury.
  • You want your massage therapy treatment fees billed to or reimbursed by an insurance company.

You may be aware that you can have sales tax waived on massage therapy services with a referral from a physician. If you have a referral for purposes of general wellness or stress relief, you do not need to schedule a medical massage--you can schedule your choice of service.

Medical Massage Cleveland OH

Do You Accept Insurance?

Medical massage may be covered by the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation or by auto insurance after a collision. Massage therapists in Ohio cannot bill your health insurance directly.

If your plan covers massage therapy performed by an LMT, you can submit documentation of your expenses to your insurance company for reimbursement. You are responsible for verifying your own benefits, paying up front, and ensuring that you have the required documentation for reimbursement.

Scheduling and Paying for Medical Massage

Before scheduling your medical massage treatments, you must contact us to discuss your case and submit all required paperwork. Online bookings will not be accepted until you have discussed your case with us. Payment arrangements vary depending on your coverage and available benefits. A discount is available for payment up front; we can provide you documentation to submit for reimbursement.

If you decide on your own that other types of massage and bodywork would be helpful for you, you are responsible for paying out of pocket for these services as they are not part of your prescribed treatment.

Medical Massage in Cleveland, OH

Lifelong Bodywork provides medical massage in Cleveland, OH to assist in recovery from injury, and is an approved provider with the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation.

Are you ready to take charge of your pain and stop letting it take charge of you? Find out if Medical Massage with Lifelong Bodywork is the right fit for you.